Welcome to Imaginations Photography!

This site features the photography and photo editing of Emerson Mertens, a long time photographer, editor, and artist. Emerson loves to take pictures of various subjects, such as nature, animals, events, which she uses as a basis to create unique photography-based art prints and media.


Dance Photography

Emerson enjoys taking pictures of dancers and other artistic performances as she has been a dancer and performer for nearly 20 years herself. Her familiarity with multiple dances techniques and her experience as a professional dancer and instructor has given Emerson the expertise of knowing exactly when to take the best shots of dancers and performers in motion, allowing her to create a “movement” shot that captures the heart of the performance. Having performed in over thirty shows during her dance training and career, Emerson offers a unique perspective in dance photography that highlights the artistic side of dance as well as the technical.



To read more about Emerson’s dance and performing career, please visit¬†emersonmertens.wordpress.com


Nature and Animal Photography

Emerson also greatly enjoys taking pictures of nature and animals. Through dedicated study of photography techniques, she has developed her own artistic and creative perspective on nature photography. Much of Emerson’s nature photography also features her photo editing skills, in which she creates original artwork inspired by such things as oil paintings, watercolors, drawings, and computer-generated compositions.